Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Split After Over Two Years

gigi hadid smiling at the camera

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced their decision to split up.


Both singer Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid have confirmed that they decided to go their separate ways after having dated for over two years. On Tuesday, the singer posted the confirmation on his official Twitter page.




He explained that the two are going to remain good friends and that he only has admiration and respect for Gigi. Zayn also thanked fans for respecting their privacy and difficult decision. Later, the supermodel followed his statement and also confirmed their breakup, also on Twitter.




She said that she is eternally grateful for everything that they have shared over those two beautiful years. Hadid promised to continue to support him and his career as a loving friend.


It’s worth noting that fans had begun to suspect that something was wrong with them when Zayn posted some pictures on Instagram with captions that alluded to something not quite right in his life.


According to media outlets, it seems that the celebrity couple called it quits because of their crazy working schedules which kept them apart for too long. They seemingly put a huge pressure on their relationship, and the two couldn’t take it anymore.


Zayn and Gigi to Go Their Separate Ways


The 25-year old former One Direction star and the 22-year old model were last seen together back in January. In November, they celebrated two years together, and everything seemed to be working fine between them.


Rumors about them dating began flying around back in 2015, when they left an American Music Awards after-party together. After that, Zayn’s first solo single, Pillowtalk, featured a sexy video which starred Gigi Hadid. Back in May 2016, they made their red carpet debut together at the Met Gala.


They’ve always been a couple to look up to, especially when they ended up on the cover of Vogue magazine. Everything seemed perfect, but apparently, not all is as it seems.


Image source: Flickr