Waze Expands Its Carpooling Services to All California


Waze carpooling will now expand all over California

Waze, the Google-owned navigation app, started offering carpooling services in Israel and Northern California more than a year ago. Now, they announced they would bring these services all over California starting with June 6th.

Waze carpooling started in Israel and the Bay Area

Initially, Waze will bring the carpooling services to San Diego and Los Angeles, but they plan to expand to all California. However, they are not planning to stop here. During a recent interview, the Waze CEO, Noam Bardin, suggested that they wanted to bring the service to more American cities, as well as several from South America. In fact, he confirmed they would enter the Brazilian market this year.

“The move is a natural one for Waze, a community-first organization on a mission to impact global mobility and congestion.”

Waze are planning to introduce a separate carpooling app, as well as introduce the carpool option into the main app. It will allow people to find a car to help them reach a certain destination. Then, the user has to pay the driver according to gas prices and some other included expenses. However, the fee is never bigger than 54 cents per mile.

The service was welcome by customers

Such rides are usually much cheaper than those offered by competitors like Lyft Line or uberPOOL. However, they come with some disadvantages. The main issue is the fact that users need to reserve a ride several hours in advance, and they can only use the service twice every day.

Waze decided to expand its carpooling services after receiving plenty of positive feedback. Also, they took critiques into consideration as well, so that they could improve the service and win more users. One such change is the fact that they can now pick up two passengers, to make everything work faster.

The Waze carpooling system might have been successful in the Bay Area, but they could face difficulties in an area like Los Angeles. They took up the challenge and are about to see how they can handle a much larger city with a more car-oriented lifestyle.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons