Vine Co-founder Dom Hoffman Launches a New Social Network App

peach app Fetures

Easy and simple to use, Peach will more than likely become a strong contender in the social network race.

Despite the fact that there are a couple of social networks already available for smartphone users, with Facebook maintaining its iron grip on the first place in leaderboards, Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman launches a new social network app named Peach. Although the app is only available for iOS users at this point, Hoffman has stated that an Android version is currently in the works, launching very soon, possibly in the next couple of months.

Peach maintains the trend of Vine, being based on the diminishing attention spans that the general demographic is currently portraying. Because Vine has gained such a massive increase in popularity over the last few years, Peach is expected to perform exceptionally as well.

But this new social network is not only inspired by Vine, taking features from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Slack in order to create the perfect blend. But in comparison to Twitter and Facebook, this new app allows users to post links that take you to other websites, even opening your internet browser if you type “safari”.

Peach’s functionality is based on the use of so-called “ Magic Words” that act as keywords wich allow users to benefit from a variety of services. For instance, if one would type “GIF” in the search bar, a new window will appear, allowing you to search for whatever you want to post in an easy and simple manner. It’s worth noting that this service is not used only for gifs, with song and image posts functioning in more or less the same manner.

This new app has also drawing capabilities, allowing users to draw whatever they please in order to post their work of art by simply typing “draw” in the search bar. The “shout” command will enlarge your text and allow you to use a bright and colorful background in order to attract attention. Typing “goodmorning” or “goodnight” will simply post the aforementioned statements onto your page while typing “song” will allow the app to search the name of the song your are currently hearing by using it’s Shazam-like capabilities.

If you want to post the name of the show or movie you are watching, or the game you are playing, simply type “tv”, “movie” or “game”. Using the “battery” magic word will display your current battery level while the word “move” will post the number of steps or distance traveled during the day. Peach has an additional interesting feature in the form of the “dice” command, allowing you to use the app in case you are playing a board game and your set of dice has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Although the Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman launches a new social network app, it is currently unclear if Peach will become the hot new thing in regards to social media websites. The app can be downloaded from the website, along with more information regarding its services, or through the app store. It is worth noting that currently, Peach does not allow its users to have private conversations, but this will likely change in the near future as the app will evolve and improve its list of features.