Can a Vasectomy Improve Sex Drive? (Study)

lower half of man and women in a field at sunset

According to a new study, undergoing a vasectomy will improve a man’s sex drive.

A new research conducted by a team of scientists from Frankfurt University discovered that having a vasectomy is not psychologically damaging to men. On the contrary, males who underwent such a procedure might actually experience an improved sex drive. This new study on the matter involved 294 couples.

Research showed that men who underwent a vasectomy made 12,4 percent more sex than those who did not have the surgery. Also, the researchers discovered that the overall satisfaction of both the men and their partners increased after the surgical procedure.

Despite the fact that a vasectomy sounds like a last resort for avoiding a pregnancy, at least to some, males that chose it showed improvements in their sexual relations. One of the reasons for this is that a possible pregnancy no longer stresses men, claims the research team.

More about Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a procedure that prevents semen from fertilizing the egg. This surgery only takes 15 minutes and sees the cutting of the tube that transports sperm to the penis. It is not painful, and dissolvable stitches are being used for it. This procedure is not invasive, and it doesn’t leave a scar. After a vasectomy, men don’t experience hormonal changes.

This new study shows that those that undergo this procedure more likely experience psychological changes. Most of them mentioned that their sex drive improved and that their sexual satisfaction was higher. Women were also reportedly more likely to experience a higher sexual satisfaction after their partner underwent a vasectomy, as detected during the study.

The research team behind the study claims to be more inclined towards advising couples who don’t want children to undergo this procedure. Men can also reverse the vasectomy, but this is a more expensive and extensive procedure. This is why some men decide not to have the surgery in case they want to eventually have children or more of them. Before undergoing a vasectomy, it is important to take all the factors into consideration.

Image Source: Pexels