Vaccines Don’t Harm Kids’ Immune Systems (Study)

woman holding baby while another woman vaccinates the child

A new study maintains that numerous vaccines at once won’t affect children’ immune systems.


There are a lot of parents out there who are afraid that more vaccines at once will only make their babies and toddlers get sick more often. However, a recent study sheds new light on this seemingly mistaken theory and reassures parents that this is unlikely to happen.

The study, which the Journal of the American Medical Association recently published, found that kids who get more vaccines aren’t likely to catch more unrelated infections than those who got fewer vaccines. The comparison still stands when it comes to children who had them more spaced out or not all at once.

According to researchers, there is no clear reason why so many parents think that their kids are more vulnerable to infections if they vaccinate them.

However, continuous testing is important in order to reassure parents that this is not the case. This is exactly what the new study tried to do by not only analyzing the vaccines number but also the antigens in them. These are the important molecules that actually stimulate the child’s immune response.


Vaccines don’t Make Kids Vulnerable to Infections


According to Jason Glanz, the study lead, a large number of parents still believe that too many vaccines might actually weaken their child’s immune system.

It’s true that over the past thirty years, the number of routine childhood vaccines grew from three against seven diseases to ten against fourteen diseases. This is probably why so many parents believe that too many vaccines are dangerous.

Moreover, because of this concern, 10% to 15% of parents choose a delayed immunization schedule or an alternative one for their children. Numerous studies have shown that this shouldn’t be the case.

Immunization is not actually dangerous for children. Apart from this, over the years, the vaccines have been adapted to not trigger other reactions or infections in kids. So, parents should stop worrying about this because childhood vaccines should be only beneficial for the health of their children.

Image source: Pixnio