Twitter Follows in the Footsteps of Weibo Regarding Its Character Limit

Twitter-character-limitTwitter follows in the footsteps of Weibo regarding its character limit. Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, will allow its customers to write posts of 2,000 characters, raising the regular 140-character restriction for all VIP clients on Jan 28, as the local press has revealed.

According to tech journalists from China, under this social networking platform’s new instructions, a post will display only its initial 140 characters, so customers will have to press the “enter” key and read the remaining text.

As Weibo’s large data has revealed, only around 10% of original content exceeds 140 Chinese characters, according to the representatives’ declaration for the regional publications. But they are removing some of the posts’ restrictions to offer better choices and an improved consumer experience.

The feature will be provided to all VIP clients from Jan 28, while other people will use it from Feb 28. Monthly active customers surpassed 220 million in Sept 2015, up with 33% compared to the same period of 2014.

Meanwhile, daily active customers were around 100 million during the same interval, an improvement with 30% over Sept 2014. In the Chinese social networks, Weibo competes against Tencent’s WeChat, a platform that last year gathered more than 600 million active people worldwide.

In Aug, the micro blogging platform Twitter lifted its restriction on the number of characters from only 140 to 10,000. After this move, it was revealed that the website was initially looking to offer this feature during the first months of 2016.

The online blogs said that specialists familiar with Twitter’s plans believe the restriction to be around 10,000, similar to its direct texting service. Even if they did not specify if the social platform will be increasing its character limit, they did state that the option was not originally designed to fit a certain character length and it was an element that was included to suit single text messages.

In addition, if the written text that showed up in screenshots, as Twitter’s updates do, was actually a message that can be looked for and outlined, it will offer more applications and power. They will not stop when it comes to developing more functionalities and options into tweets for people from all around the world.

While it is in accordance to what clients like to do, they are going to discover more ideas for it, Twitter’s officials said. In other news, one of the representatives of the Chinese search engine Baidu said they will end monetizing health-related boards this days after some user categories have been monopolized by dubious nursing homes and people.

Image source: Techliveinfo