The New Nokia 230 Brings Back the Physical Keyboard

nokia-230The most recent Internet-operated device coming from Microsoft, the new Nokia 230 brings back the physical keyboard and is not a top flagship phone having this feature like BlackBerry devices. However, it arrives with the all-new style and is a gadget equipped with a rather good camera for taking selfies, even in the most active situations for the users.

Some of Microsoft’s latest Nokia-labeled mobile phones arrive with the 2MP primary digicam, but the main function of this new $50 device is that the phone has two such sensors, one on the rear and the other one on its front side, each of these cameras being supported by its own LED flash.

The company has also returned to the basics for the style of its latest Nokia 230. Since in the past all kinds of strident colors were decorating the cases of its phones, Microsoft has now chosen a different approach and is now offering its Nokia 230 only in white and black. It has also brought a nice grayish and sandblasted metallic rear cover sold in both colors.

The 230’s aluminum frame is attached between a pair of bars placed at the upper and lower parts that suit perfectly the primary color choice. The result of this simple, yet effective pattern, is a smoother look than its forerunners and an appearance that may even become more attractive than the current Microsoft leading gadgets, Lumia 950 or 950 XL.

When it comes to specifications, the newest series of mobile phones cannot go head to head against the latest Lumia flagship phones, having the 2.8” screen, which is the biggest in the present Nokia series, 16MB of RAM along with a 1,100mAh battery with the maximum stand by period of almost a month.

Other regular functions include a FM radio option and the MP3 players that can be used a lot better by extending the memory storage up to 32 GB. Nokia 230 works also as an Internet device and can work with a series of applications like Facebook and WhatsApp, and can play different games from online stores, as while as surfing the websites with the Opera mobile browser integrated into it by default.

Nevertheless, Nokia 230 comes at a moment when costs of the majority of mobile phones go against the Microsoft’s Nokia 230 only $50 price tag. That cost is not very far from the most affordable Windows devices, like the $75 Lumia 430 that can be now updated to the new Windows 10 Mobile OS. However, these phones simply cannot surpass a series of functions incorporated into the build of other more expensive devices.

If the experts in the tech industry are indeed right, the companies in this extremely competitive domain will need only around a couple of years before their average cost of smart phones goes down to just $50. This is a low price that is considered to be an obstacle for smart phones to be adopted in growing marketplaces, where undoubtedly Microsoft is also looking to have its share of clients.

However, until that profitable time arrives for both device producers and sellers, the giant software company will try to play an important role in the present mobile phone market. Its latest Nokia 230, along with an upcoming dual SIM version will be sold in various regions of Asia, with many other regions that will follow over the course of next year.

Image source: Mpinteractiv