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You Can Now Change Your Apple ID Registration Address with an Apple Email

You Can Now Change Your Apple ID Registration Address with an Apple Email

All Apple users know how difficult it is to change the email address you have used when you created an Apple ID account. Not anymore, as the company has decided to make some major changes. If you managed to create an Apple email address, you can now easily replace the third-party address you kept using

Cat running on the grass

Pets Now Get Their Own Special Albums in Google Photos

Google’s attempts to make use of facial recognition technology in its Photos app are already well-known to all users. However, some of the photos don’t always include humans, and are often snapshots of man’s furry friends, pets. Since these images also need to be organized properly, Google launched a new tool which filters all photos

Zenyatta cosplay at Comic Con

Overwatch Gets Players Ready for Halloween Terror 2017

Blizzard will respect the tradition and launch a special Overwatch event for Halloween, called Halloween Terror 2017. The event will bring a series of skins for the characters a few characters. To tease this event, Blizzard released a short video, where some of them were displayed in special horror skins. However, the event might prepare

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Microsoft Abandons Groove Music in Favor of Spotify

Microsoft wanted to give its users their own music service, and changed the name of Xbox Music to Groove Music. However, this streaming service still kept the ghost of the old Zune with it, which the company felt like it was a bit too risky. Therefore, Microsoft decided to give up on Groove Music, and