Kenya Stone Age Tools Impress Scientists (Study)

stone age tools on display according to size

A series of Kenyan stone age tools are more advanced than expected.

It seems that in Kenya’s Southern Rift Valley, some of our ancestors created and used some very innovative tools for their time. What’s even more interesting is that they made them a lot earlier than everybody thought. Namely, these were designed more than one million years ago.

Some of these impressing innovations consisted of axes especially designed to be held in the palm of the hand. Shaped like a teardrop, with a pointed eye and rounded end, they were surely useful for our ancestors. According to the way they look, humans probably used them for cutting branches or chopping up the carcasses of large animals.

According to paleoanthropologist Rick Potts, such hand axes acted as a sort of Swiss army knives of the Stone Age. Another interesting discovery was that the beginning of the Middle Stone Age actually happened tens of thousands of years earlier than previously believed.

Because of harsh conditions like earthquakes or droughts and heavy rain periods, our ancestors needed to make partnerships with other communities to survive. But what else did our ancestors use these hand axes for? They probably utilized them to dig for freshwater or other things to eat.


The Incredibly-Advanced Stone Age Tools in Kenya


Potts also says that during those times, humans were probably searching through the carcasses of dead animals. This is because these Stone Age tools would have been too heavy and useless for hunting live animals.

Then, about 320,000 years ago, ancient humans completely switched their technology. Archaeologists found sharper and smaller tools made out of stone. The team’s findings were released for publication in the journal Science.

The tools found dating back from the Middle Stone Age prove that these ancient humans had a more advanced thinking and also planning aptitudes. Around this time, they shifted from scavenging carcasses to hunting. The mammals were much smaller than before, and ancient humans were able to hunt rabbits, hares or even birds and fish.


Image source: Wikimedia