Stem Cell Treatment Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients

blue stem cell

Multiple sclerosis patients now have more chances of recovery because of an innovative treatment. A recent study shows that stem cell treatment can help people with MS recover and relieve symptoms. In this human trial, researchers discovered that stem cell therapy is the best treatment for this condition because of its great success rate among the patients.

Stem Cells Show Impressive Results in Treating MS

For this trial, more than 100 people from Sheffield, Chicago, Sao Paolo, and Stockholm participated. These people were randomly divided into 2 groups, the ones who received the stem cell treatment and the ones who received the conventional drugs. After one year, the ones who received the stem cell therapy had better results.

Just 1 in 52 patients on stem cell relapsed, compared to 39 out of 50 who were on the conventional drug. The three-year term also showed great results for the patients who received the stem cell treatment. Only 3 out of 52 patients relapsed. 30 out of those who received the drug relapsed in the same time frame.

Another important factor was that the ones who received the stem cell therapy experience a reduction in their symptoms and disability. The ones who took the drug did not experience this reduction. While the numbers are outstanding, this is just the first human trial. Researchers were unable to provide long-term side effects of this therapy.

It is also going to take a while before the stem cell therapy is accepted as a treatment for multiple sclerosis because there are regulations and the treatment needs more testing. Despite this fact, it is a great discovery and it could help hundreds of people get rid of multiple sclerosis.

John Snowden, one of the researchers says:

We are thrilled with the results – they are a game changer for patients with drug resistant and disabling multiple sclerosis.