Sony Patents A VR Glove


Sony Patents A VR Glove

While most might believe Oculus and HTC will dominate the virtual reality market this year, Sony is not backing off. The company apparently has grand plans to break into the industry. And, they’re seemingly much bigger than the ones they’ve already confirmed to the public.

PlayStation VR is considered to be the third and last of the major VR platforms to come out this year. It will be a battle of three titans, which experts mainly estimating that Oculus Rift will be the most popular, followed by HTC Vive, and then by Sony’s headset. However, such suggestions are mere theories and guesses. No one knows what would happen because no one knows the competition.

It would be like calling the Super Bowl without watching one game of football in your life.

Sony appears to have something up his sleeve to balance the scales. The second issue with virtual reality headsets are the controllers. So far, HTC Vive will have them shipped with their device once it launches, Oculus Rift controllers will launch at some point in the fall, and PlayStation VR has their PlayStation Move motion trackers. However, the latter might just have another controller in the making.

According to a post on NeoGAF, Sony filed a patent in 2014 with three different parts, but al only came to light in February 2016. The patent speaks of a “Thumb Controller”, a system for users to provide feedback while interacting with content, and a “Glove Interface Object”. The latter has easily become the most interesting one and gained most attention, especially given its description.

The document speaks of a “a trackable object that is configured to be illuminated during interactivity” and that “users collaborating may use their gloves to touch objects, move objects, interface with surfaces, press on objects, squeeze objects, toss objects, make gesture actions or motions, or the like.”.

Essentially, it looks like a glove that will help the user “interact with interactive apps” with a good amount of its attention placed on gaming. This could mean an endless string of things, considering the device is packed with multiple sensors. It seems that it will be able to connect with both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and will be the perfect partner for PlayStation VR. While the ‘magic sticks’ that Sony will offer with the headset will be highly useful, an actual glove would probably be better. And look a lot cooler, let’s face it.

However, like most patents, no one should be holding their breath in wait. Just because Sony filed it does not mean that they will be doing it. It would be a shame though, as it sounds just like the right futuristic tech we should expect from virtual reality.

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