Shark Attacks Are on the Rise – Protect Yourself

Shark attacks are on the rise, officials warn. We’ve all been looking forward to summer, but don’t get too lost in the excitement. There is a projected increase in the cases of shark attacks for this year. Enjoy your time at the beach while keeping an eye out for the deadly predators.

"Shark Attacks Are on the Rise"

Enjoy your time at the beach while keeping an eye out for the predators.

Last year, almost 100 shark attacks were reported across the Earth. Six people have died because of major injuries.

This year, we might experience an increased number of attacks. The human population has also increased, and the warmer than ever climate sends people into the water to cool off. And should we add that the shark population is now back on track, number-wise? Add these facts up and you’ll see why you can never be too careful.

Here are the best ways to prevent getting up close to a shark:

  1. Don’t go swimming after heavy rains, because you might find sharks in areas where they otherwise would not swim to.
  2. Don’t dive from boats. Scan the water carefully if you’re too tempted not to stay on board.
  3. Watch the fishes’ behavior. They start changing their swimming patterns if a predator is close.
  4. Keep your strokes even. Don’t make erratic movements that may draw a shark’s attentions onto you.
  5. Colorful swimwear makes you a target, so keep it simple.
  6. Don’t go in the water if you have a bleeding cut or are menstruating.
  7. Don’t go into areas where shark attacks are known to happen. They will return. And shark attacks are on the rise in 2016.
  8. Take at least one person with you into the water. It’s good to have an extra pair of eyes and help if something bad does happen.
  9. Don’t go into areas where there’s an abundance of fish and seals. Sharks will consider you a pray as well.

If you do, however, encounter a shark, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Fight it. Hit the predator in the nose, gills and eyes. These are the most sensitive areas.
  2. Don’t play dead. Don’t think that sharks won’t take a bite off you if you look like an inanimate object or a dead person. It will attack nonetheless.



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