Selfies Do Make Your Nose Seem Bigger Than It Is (Study)

two women taking a selfie at the beach

Taking a selfie from up close can sometimes make the nose seem bigger than it actually is.


Selfie sticks continue to be popular for every selfie lover out there, despite the fact that many questioned the security and safety of their use. Moreover, authorities have even banned their use in certain locations like Disney properties and in one of Italy’s biggest cities, Milan.


However, even if many are against them, selfie sticks could prove to be the solution to one of the biggest issues we have when taking selfies. Namely, the fact that our nose seems to appear bigger than it actually is.


According to some reports, selfie sticks might offer the most accurate representation of our faces when taking a selfie. Why? Because we take it from a bigger distance, as opposed to taking it with our arm extended.


Studies have shown that selfies that are taken too close can make your nose appear 30% bigger than it is in reality. Boris Paskhover currently specializes in facial plastic surgery.


According to him, he always asks patients who want a nose job to bring some selfies with them and explain their decision. When doing this, he takes proper pictures of them to prove that their noses are perfectly fine. It’s just the selfie distance that’s wrong.


Selfies from Up Close Make Your Nose Look Bigger


Paskhover says that young people are constantly taking selfies and post them on social media platforms to offer what they think is an accurate portrayal of how they look. The problem is that they don’t often realize that a selfie sometimes acts like your own funhouse mirror, distorting your image.


For a study, which the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery published, Paskhover and Ohad Fried, a research fellow, created a mathematical model to show people just how much a selfie distorts their image.


So, if you don’t particularly like using selfie sticks, you should ask someone to take a photo of you. It’s certainly better and costs less than an unnecessary nose job derived from a wrongly-taken selfie.


Image source: Pixabay