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Scientists Combine Metalens with Artificial Muscle, Create Artificial Eye? (Study)

Scientists Combine Metalens with Artificial Muscle, Create Artificial Eye? (Study)

  In what could be a major advancement in camera technology, researchers have managed to make a sort of artificial eye that functions much like the real version, by combining an artificial muscle with a small device called a “metalens.” According to Alan She, lead author of the study published in the journal Science Advances, the new

Artist's rendering of a supernova.

Oldest Known Supernova Flashed When The Universe Was Still Young

An international team of astronomers revealed the most distant and ancient supernova ever detected. This massive cosmic explosion occurred 10.5 billion years ago. To put things into perspective, the universe is thought to be around 13.8 billion years old. The supernova, labeled DES16C2nm, was detected by the Dark Energy Survey (DES), an international collaboration to

Aliens above earth.

All It Takes For Aliens To Conquer Us Is One Message, Researchers Claim

Pop culture is littered with movies, video games, and books that imagine a potential alien invasion. While all the scenarios that have to do with such a catastrophic event involve weapons and massive warships, a new research paper claims that extraterrestrials can wipe out our civilization with just one message. An independent scientist from the