Rocket League Might Showcase Basketball

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Rocket League Might Showcase Basketball

Last summer’s hit game is still going strong. Developer Psyonix is keeping their players on the edges of their seats, awaiting a new update for Rocket League, a simple yet tremendously fun game that took over the multiplayer world. And it’s about to get more diverse.

For those who are not familiar with the game, Rocket League is, to put it simply, soccer with cars. It’s a simple concept, accessible, familiar, and yet becomes highly entertaining. It has cars bashing to each other, explosions, speeds, insane jumps, and physics-based mechanics. As simple as it is though for new players to dive into, it’s as complicated for those more experienced who can pull off complex moves. And that’s the beauty of Rocket League. It can immerse you with ease as a new player, but there’s still a lot to learn as you continue through it.

The game is about to get a little more diverse now. According to a Tweet by Psyonix, they will introduce Rocket League Hoops at some point in the future. As a tribute to March Madness, the upcoming version of the game will switch from the soccer field to the basketball court. This includes a new ‘hoop’, which is an elevated platform that players will likely have to do some fancy jumping shots to score. No more running into the ball and launching it forward.

Psyonix added a tease image to show off what they have been working on. However, they posted the photo as a way to tease what’s coming with the occasion of March Madness. That doesn’t mean that the upcoming version of the game will be released this month, or if it will be free. It’s tough to tell with Psyonix, as the team has been excellent at keeping their players hooked on the game.

Last winter, they introduced Snow Mode for free, which had cars engage in a hockey-like gameplay.

Rocket League Hoops looks a bit more complex though, considering the change of arenas, and possibly some new decals to decorate your car. It could be a nice change of pace for players who have gotten a little tired of soccer or just want to try out something different and challenge themselves.

The news comes after Rocket League they will be having their own Championship Series to start this year, which will be exciting enough. However, while soccer with cars is taking over and moving forward, there’s a gap to fill with another sport. And, who knows how many others will follow.

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