Rocket League Has Its Own Championship

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The Rocket League Championship Series will kick off on March 25th of this year.

Hit summer game Rocket League is getting its own eSports league, to be broadcasted by Twitch and likely viewed by thousands. Most of us saw this coming. Rocket League is a racing/sports game, which involves a lot of teamwork. It’s basically made for big competitions.

The game’s developer Psyonix and Twitch have just announced the inauguration of Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) starting this month. In March, players will be able to sign up and participate with their teams in a battle of agility, dexterity, and control over the gameplay to win the prize. To be noted, it will not be a major competition like Dreamhack. In fact, it won’t be close in structure or prize pool.

The RLCS will be an entire season that will stretch across three months. During, teams will compete against each other to see who gathers most points by the end. As far to prize pool, one shouldn’t expect it to reach millions of dollars. Games such as DOTA 2 and Halo have that sort of pull on the community. Rocket League, on the other hand, does not have a legacy yet and it doesn’t garner that many gamers.

So, the prize pool is of $75,000, a chump change in comparison to other eSports games, but that’s not the point.

With this competition, the game could gain popularity, support, and a bigger community than it already has. It is quite impressive that it has managed to create its own official virtual league since it was released not even a year ago, in July 2015. However, Psyonix vice president, Jeremy Dunham, said he saw it coming. Dunham claimed that Rocket League was a “legitimate sport” from the beginning and tailor-made for such professional championships.

And there’s no better partner for that other than eSports and Twitch.

Players can sign up through this month. It will require teams of three members, who will participate in 3 vs. 3 matches. It will be their chance to win the first Rocket League season ever in history. And, who knows, if it goes well, it might start to build its own competitive community, like other major games. While it’s unlikely it will ever surpass or reach DOTA 2, Halo, or League of Legends, it might reach the level of others such as FIFA, or CounterStrike: Global Offensive.

The season will kick off on March 25th, and every playoff will be streamed live on Twitch. So far, the organization has stated that the only platforms supported will be the PlayStation 4 and the PC. So, Xbox One players will have to wait until next season. For now, they can be avid supporters of the teams and probably learn something from those who believe themselves ready to be pros.

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