Qualcomm’s 820 Processor Made Its Debut with the LeTV LeMax Pro

letv-lemax proQualcomm’s 820 processor made its debut with the LeTV LeMax Pro. The US producer just unveiled its next-gen Snapdragon 820 chip, besides offering the useful information that LeTV’s LeMax Pro represents the first smart phone to incorporate it.

It is still uncertain if the processor will restore Qualcomm’s reputation after the Snapdragon 810 scandal. Nevertheless, it is certain that the LeMax Pro is an extremely fast smart phone, especially considering its segment of competitors.

First of all, this is a large phone due to its a huge 6.3 and 2,560×1,440 display, which almost sends it in the smaller tablets category rather than being just an imposing smart phone. There are many users out there who prefer working with phablets, but this phone is certainly a two-handed gadget.

Those who have never used a LeTV device before will be pleased by its recent phone quality, since it is somewhat similar to Huawei’s premium gadgets, like the recent Mate S. created from durable aluminum, the device seems a bit cold in the hand and very sturdy during regular use.

The Pro model has mainly a shiny appearance, with a few white details on the chassis that give it a similar appearance to the iPhone 6 Plus. On the rear of the device, you will see a fingerprint sensor commonly met in flagship phones, along with a powerful 21MP digicam with a LED flash.

When it comes to the software, the device is operating on the latest Android version, Marshmallow 6.0, with a rather heavy customized interface from LeTV. This is a common trend in new Huawei gadgets, which seem to imitate the appearance of iOS through the conventional Android application drawer.

This heavy customization will not please some hardcore Android users who prefer the pure version of the operating system. The device is operated by a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 820 chip, along with the recent Adreno 530 graphic card and 4 GB of RAM.

This is definitely the fastest smart phone with these specifications and makes tech enthusiasts to be existed for the upcoming Snapdragon 820-based devices that will come later this year. This is not the best smart phone to play complex and demanding games, but every other activity using the gadget works extremely well.

Display changes are simple and easy, and applications start almost instantaneously. Due to the limited period of testing, there is still not clear how the recent processor performs over a longer time of intense usage and if it has any heating problems.

Experts will look into detail at these aspects once the gadgets start being sold and will submit them to further testing.

Image source: Mobzine