Pre-Order Just The PlayStation VR

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Pre-Order Just The PlayStation VR

It appears that those who do not want to opt for a PlayStation VR bundle have the option of pre-ordering the headset as a standalone device. In essence, Sony is allowing gamers to get a taste of virtual reality on their platform before forcing them to decide whether they want to cough up an extra $100 for the added accessories.

Though really, it sounds like those extra options are what makes the headgear great. It might not be the same without them.

A week ago, Sony announced that they will be putting the PlayStation VR bundle up for pre-order starting today, March 22nd for $499. For the added price, gamers will be getting the PlayStation Camera, Move controllers, and PlayStation VR Worlds, which is a collection of several games designed for virtual reality. It’s still cheaper than the Oculus Rift, who does not arrive with the controllers. Those will arrive at some point in the fall for the Facebook-owned platform.

However, it should also be mentioned that the bundle doesn’t include an actual PlayStation 4, so if you don’t own the console already, it might not be the greatest deal. In fact, considering the next-gen platform is around $350, it will be more expensive than waiting for Oculus Rift. But it’s the best deal for PlayStation fans and owners.

Today, Sony announced that they will be making PlayStation VR available for pre-order as well. It’s not just the bundle. Interested gamers can pre-order the standalone headset starting on March 29th, provided they want just the headgear without the added gimmicks.

According to John Koller, the vice president of PlayStation brand marketing, there was “a lot of interest” from fans to get the “PlayStation VR core system” early on. He’s happy to share that the company listened to their feedback and decided to make the headset available just on its own. This will start in precisely one week, at 7 A.M. PT for participating retailers at the price of $399.

However, Sony has been rather adamant to mention the benefits of purchasing the bundle, with all other accessories included. For starters, the VR Camera is what makes the experience visually spectacular and more dynamic, while the Move controllers would serve to immerse players better into virtual reality. Using a PS 4 controller might not just offer the same satisfaction.

They also did mention that some PlayStation 4 games will be available on the VR headset through Cinematic Mode. Users will be able to stream content on a “virtual screen” where they will be able to enjoy 360o videos and photos captured by PS VR and PS4 Media Player. All in all, Sony seems eager to add more features, and it has more time left until its launch in October of this year.

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