Pizza and Ice Cream Launched into Space

Supply spacecraft in space

On Sunday morning, NASA launched an ice cream truck into space from its Wallops Island facility, in Virginia. The resupply craft might not have been exactly an ice cream truck, but one of the astronauts on board made it sound like it was. Astronaut Joseph M. Acaba announced that pizza and ice cram were on the way for those people on the station and that they were eagerly expecting the Cygnus cargo vehicle.

He was right, as the resupply craft indeed brought them pizza and ice cream. However, it was also full of supplies and scientific equipment that they needed. According to Orbital ATK, the company in charge of provisioning the space station, the supply craft was working brilliantly and didn’t have any issues.

Ice cream and pizza for the space station

On Sunday, the company also announced that it successfully launched the AntaresTM rocket that carried the supply craft. It ascended for nine minutes and after that, it was launched into orbit. The supplies weighed about 7,400 pounds and were destined for the six members of the space station.

The company also announced that they are going to latch Cygnus on to the station on Tuesday. The resupply craft will remain there for three weeks. After that it will depart carrying over two tons of disposable cargo. It’s interesting that one single contract between NASA and Orbital says that the company should deliver around 66,000 pounds of cargo to the space station.

It’s interesting that the launch was initially supposed to take place on Saturday. However, the company rescheduled it because a small airplane was blocking the delivery as it was flying near the facility. It’s unclear whether or not the people inside the airplane knew that they were blocking such in important and interesting delivery. NASA’s Wallops facility is located on the Atlantic Ocean, on the eastern shore of the state of Virginia.

Image source: wikimedia