Persona 5 Is Ready for Release in the United States

Persona 5 poster

Persona 5 comes with a lot of style and exciting changes which can keep all players engaged

After a lot of delays and puzzlement which revolved around the long-awaited release of Persona 5, the Japanese developers announced that the RPG is finally ready to hit the American markets. The game will come to North America after more than half a year from its release in Japan.

Persona 5 is the latest game in the popular Persona franchise. Half of the time, the gameplay features the life of a high-school student, while the other contains turn-based combat with monsters and dungeon exploration. The reviewer described the introduction of this game as breathtaking and more engaging than that of Persona 4.

Exciting game style and setting

Players can get engaged with the game style pretty quickly. They can catch up with the action during the first minutes, and they can enjoy the same atmosphere for all 100 hours of gameplay available in the game. The dark and mysterious feeling of the game is also amplified by the setting. The developers opted to return to Tokyo in this game, abandoning the rural setting from Persona 4.

The graphics of the game are extremely sophisticated, as some characters might seem like they jump out of the screen. They are also exquisite as they are so strikingly life-like. Persona 5 contains all the small details and atmosphere typical for Tokyo. All these add up to the amazing soundtrack, which puts together an electrifying mixture of funk, lounge, and pop meant to entertain even the most critical players.

Improvements from previous titles in the franchise

Persona 5 also comes with improvements. Now, the characters can interact, and this can directly impact the gameplay. Character interaction can bring special bonuses and boost your hero’s evolution. This might sound impressive, but it is still not the best improvement brought to the game.

All reviewers agreed that the dungeons were the best so far in the entire franchise. They are no longer randomly developed. They have specific designs and special challenges. Thus, dungeon exploration is no longer boring, as you can find something new in each one you enter and this keeps you connected to the game.

Therefore, Persona 5 can be considered the top game of the franchise. It can satisfy both old fans of the series, as well as help new players get used to the Persona universe and become engaged in the game. Make sure you do not miss this exciting game, and stay tuned for its official release in April.

Image Source: Flickr