Microsoft Urges Corporations to Give Up Windows 7

Windows 7

Microsoft informs corporations that Windows 7 is not secure enough

Microsoft is encouraging their corporate customers to give up on Windows 7. The operating system will only receive security fixes for the next three years but, even if there is still time left, they state that Windows 7 does not meet all the necessary requirements and users are advised to switch to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

The head of Windows at Microsoft Germany, Markus Nitschke, declared that Windows 7 does not meet all system requirements or security requirements of IT companies. For example, if companies choose new hardware from Intel (Skylake of Kaby Lake processors), the installation and driver support is limited for Windows 7 and 8.1. Also, Skylake has USB controllers that are not supported by Windows 7. Some features should probably make the old OS work, but the process is too slow and quite unproductive.

If hardware issues are not enough to convince corporate clients to give up on Windows 7, maybe security issues are more persuasive. Windows 10 brings major security improvements, including cloud-based threat analytics provided by Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, security based on virtualization to prevent credential theft or others. These improvements do not necessarily imply that certain security flaws are corrected, but entire classes of flaws are now harder to exploit by any possible threat.

A hacking campaign was undertaken in October on the Democratic National Committee. The vulnerabilities have been identified and these issues have been perfected in Windows 10. However, Windows 7 will not receive such a security upgrade.

The same phenomenon occurred when companies were to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7. Microsoft identified the same postponing of the companies to upgrade their operating systems, since it was more comfortable to them to stick to what they had gotten used to. However, the Windows XP experience should have taught companies to take quicker steps in changing their operating systems. Thus, they will avoid future costs and risks and they will have the guarantee that their company’s information is safe from threats.

Lastly, Microsoft is optimistic that the upgrade to Windows 10 might take place more quickly than that to Windows 7. Why is that? Certain Windows 7 applications are less ill-behaved that those in Windows XP and users may find it easier to give them up. Microsoft urges their clients not to leave upgrades until the last minute and get all the benefits from performing them on time.
Image Source: Flickr