Microsoft Builds Treehouses for Its Employees to Increase Productivity

Treehouse surrounded by green tree branches

Microsoft wants to let its employees work outside in treehouses

Microsoft continues with a series of exciting advantages offered to its employees, as they are now offered the chance to work in an unusual environment. If they are fans of the outdoors, they can now work in treehouses, present in near the Redmond campus building in Washington. Two of the treehouses are already open for use, while a third one is set to be ready near the end of this year.

The Microsoft treehouses are in the Washington campus

Microsoft wanted to allow its employees to work in an environment which stimulated their creativity, and no place is better for it than the great outdoors. Therefore, the company decided to take advantage of the large green surface around the Washington buildings and offer new working areas.

With the help of Pete Nelson and the TV show Treehouse Masters, the company built two treehouses for the employees. A third one is currently in the making, and should be ready by the end of the year. This one should work as a lounge area, and is also a place for relaxation, not only for work. Also, studies showed how working in the outdoors can increase the levels of productivity and creativity.

Working in the outdoors is beneficial for creativity and productivity

The treehouses are equipped with everything they need. They have lights, a fireplace, an outdoor source of Wi-Fi and, of course, sources of electricity for the electronic devices. The places are close to the cafeteria, but they can also grab something to eat and drink from an outdoor facility nearby. They are about 12 feet high, and offer a quiet place where employees can work undisturbed in a pleasant environment.

Employees are more than happy to be offered such exquisite working conditions. They admire Microsoft’s initiative to let them spend more time in the outdoors, and believe this initiative is good both for the company and for their own well-being at work.
Image Source: Pixabay