Man Intends to Prove that The Earth is Flat

Image of a flat Earth and the edge of it

A man from California is convinced that the Earth is actually flat. He is also one of the conspiracy theorists who think that a group of astronauts made this story up. Now, he is planning to launch himself into space in a rocket he built himself from scrap metal. According to Mike Hughes, if the flight through the Mojave Desert will not kill him, this ambitious journey into space will be the first phase of his plan to prove that the Earth is actually flat.

His final aim is to be able to launch himself miles above the planet. From there, the 61-year old limousine driver is planning to take pictures of the Earth and prove once and for all that it is actually a disc. In a recent interview, the man said that he is ready to stop all this non-sense regarding the fact that the Earth is round.

Convincing the world that the Earth is flat

Many theories have been discussed during his interview. Those include Elon Musk and his fake rockets from blimps and round-Earth Freemasons who are controlling NASA. The Californian also promised the entire flat-Earth community that he is going to expose this trickery thanks to his steam-powered rocket.

However, Hughes said many times that he still has much to learn about rocket science. Still, that might be just him being humble because he set a Guinness World Record back in 2002 for a limousine jump. Also, he has been reportedly building rockets for years. Unfortunately, his results haven’t been that great.

Moreover, recently, Hughes converted to flat-Eartherism. Actually, his Mojave journey was originally supposed to be taking place in early 2016. However, his plan had nothing to do with Illuminati or any other conspiracy theory. But after failing to raise the funds he needed, he announced the flat-Earth community that he was a new convert. His flight is going to take place on Saturday.

Image source: pixabay