Low Back Pain Is Often Mistreated (Study)

A new series of papers published in The Lancet show that low back pain is often mistreated. This condition is one of the leading causes of disability and it affects more than 540 million people. Due to the fact that it is mistreated, it often causes more harm to those who have this condition. Experts mentioned that this type of pain should be managed in primary care.

Low Back Pain

Treating Low Back Pain Step by Step

The first line of treatment for low back pain should be education. That means teaching people to be more active. Instead of this, many patients receive painkillers immediately. Doctors also advise patients to undergo surgery or take opioids which are not an adequate treatment for back pain. Opioids only act like painkillers.

People are often recommended people to take a break work and rest. All of these treatments make the matter worse since, on the long run, people ignore the cause of the pain and allow it to increase.

More than 2.6 million people visit the ER in the US every year. Most of these people are prescribed opioids which are addictive and can lead to drug use. A study from 2009 showed that 60% of patients in the emergency department received opioids as painkillers. Bed rest is also frequently recommended. Instead of resting, however, people with back pain should try to move more, be active and try exercises that lower the pain.

The economy is also affected by this condition. In Europe, low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability and most patients are advised to stop working and rest as much as possible. So instead of making these people feel better, doctors also stop them from working. The best treatment for this condition is to be active (as much as possible), to continue your normal routine, and to try alternative medicine such as massages and acupuncture. These types of treatments have shown great potential in relieving back pain without the harmful effects of opioids.