Blizzard Presents Loot Box Odds for Overwatch and Hearthstone on Chinese Website

Hearthstone card pack

Due to some Chinese regulations, Blizzard presented the loot box odds for Overwatch and Hearthstone

A new law from China requires video games to reveal loot box odds. In fact, this applies to those games which ask you to pay to receive a random loot box. Now, Blizzard decided to follow the law and featured Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm with such a loot box odds system.

Blizzard assures players loot boxes hide valuable items, too

Many players get frustrated when they pay for a loot box and receive meaningless items, especially when this happens much too often. This was the case of Overwatch, which made gamers think that the boxes rarely or almost never contain valuable loot. However, this new system will help Blizzard convince them that this is not the case.

The Chinese website presented loot box odds for Overwatch and Hearthstone

The overwatch loot box odds are here. Therefore, it seems that a rare blue item lies hidden in every loot box. An epic purple item drops once every 5.5 boxes on average. Also, orange legendary items come once every 13.5 boxes. However, this data concerns only Chinese players, so we cannot say if this is true for platers from other countries, too.

The website also presented the Hearthstone loot box odds (or card pack odds). They are much slower, and come as no surprise, especially for older players who are already used to the drop rates in the game. Therefore, each pack should contain one rare card. Players should enjoy epic cards once every five packs, but legendary cards occur more rarely. Unfortunately, they come once every 20 packs.

Blizzard also announced something interesting. They said that the chances of getting cards of better quality got bigger if players opened more packs. This is good to know for all players, who declared themselves happy of knowing the official loot box odds.

As mentioned above, Blizzard did not reveal if these loot box odds are the same for players from other countries. However, giving the rates observed over time, they might apply to players worldwide.
Image Source: YouTube