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Eating Cheese Every Day Can Help You (Study)

Eating Cheese Every Day Can Help You (Study)

A new study claims that eating cheese can actually be beneficial for your heart. The research was conducted thanks to data collected from more than 200,000 people. It was observed that those who ate cheese every day presented a lower risk of heart disease. In comparison, this risk was higher for people who never or rarely eat

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Black Patients in The US have a Lower Cancer Survival Rate

Three new studies showed that black patients might have a lower cancer survival rate compared to Caucasian ones. These studies apply and the results hold no matter the type of cancer. All of the research papers were published in the journal Cancer. The Three Studies that Targeted the Cancer Survival Rate One of the studies

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Preventable Risk Factors Cause Almost 50% of Cancer Deaths (Study)

A new research shows that almost 50% of the cancer deaths are caused by preventable risk factors. This means that avoiding some bad habits could help lower a person’s risk of developing cancer and death. Which are the Preventable Risk Factors? American Cancer Society researchers analyzed data on cancer deaths and incidence. They observed that 42%

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Can a Vasectomy Improve Sex Drive? (Study)

A new research conducted by a team of scientists from Frankfurt University discovered that having a vasectomy is not psychologically damaging to men. On the contrary, males who underwent such a procedure might actually experience an improved sex drive. This new study on the matter involved 294 couples. Research showed that men who underwent a vasectomy

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Having a Dog Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease (Study)

A new study shows that having a dog is not only good for the moral but also for your heart. Researchers from Sweden discovered that having a dog can lower the risk of heart disease. Dog ownership is linked to a lower risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. The study released in the journal Scientific

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Researchers Warn Parents of the Dangers of Nerf Guns

Researchers have recently issued a warning against one of the most popular toys among kids nowadays. Nerf guns, although they look like such a fun way for your child to spend time with his friends, can cause permanent eye damage. In case one of the toy bullets ends up in the eye, it might affect