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Stem Cell Treatment Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Stem Cell Treatment Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple sclerosis patients now have more chances of recovery because of an innovative treatment. A recent study shows that stem cell treatment can help people with MS recover and relieve symptoms. In this human trial, researchers discovered that stem cell therapy is the best treatment for this condition because of its great success rate among

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Disease X, the Mysterious Pathogen that Could Cause an Epidemic

    Bad news keeps on coming following the recent addition to The World Health Organization’s list of nine diseases that may cause an epidemic: disease X. It seems that Zika and Ebola were not enough. Now, we have a new and nonexistent deadly pathogen that experts called the “known unknown”.     They think that a

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Selfies Do Make Your Nose Seem Bigger Than It Is (Study)

  Selfie sticks continue to be popular for every selfie lover out there, despite the fact that many questioned the security and safety of their use. Moreover, authorities have even banned their use in certain locations like Disney properties and in one of Italy’s biggest cities, Milan.   However, even if many are against them, selfie sticks

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Vaccines Don’t Harm Kids’ Immune Systems (Study)

  There are a lot of parents out there who are afraid that more vaccines at once will only make their babies and toddlers get sick more often. However, a recent study sheds new light on this seemingly mistaken theory and reassures parents that this is unlikely to happen. The study, which the Journal of the

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E-Cigarettes are As Dangerous for Teens as Normal Ones (Study)

According to a new study which the journal Pediatrics recently published, teenagers who use e-cigarettes inhale the same levels of toxic chemicals that are also found in normal, tobacco cigarettes. It doesn’t even matter if the e-cigarettes they prefer contain nicotine or not. In order to reach this result, study leader Mark Rubinstein and his team analyzed urine samples from teenagers who