GTA VI Has Entered Production


It’s unlikely that Rockstar will move GTA VI out of the United States

It’s likely that nobody is surprised at the announcement that Grand Theft Auto VI. Given the continuing success of Grand Theft Auto V, some have even called the franchise “permanent”, meaning that we should expect Rockstar to continue the series until there’s nothing left to say. However, the variety in the world they created could essentially last forever.

Grand Theft Auto has been a style-settler in the gaming world. While it’s certainly not the first to take on such a genre, it’s the franchise that set an example to follow. The open, massive worlds, system, vehicles, corrupt characters, and playing with the lines of morality has captured the attention of gamers. And it’s not over yet. The series will continue on, and the next installment is already in production.

A few things have been uncovered about Rockstar’s past that will inevitably influence its future. Apparently, since the release of the good old GTA III and Vice City, the company considered taking the series outside of the United States. More specifically, their eyes were set on Japan and Colombia. Research teams have been set in the capital cities of Tokyo and Bogota, to scour the land, discuss with the locals and get an idea of the city’s essence.

In fact, Rockstar even filed trademark application patents in 2003 for GTA: Tokyo, GTA: Bogota, and GTA: Sin City. None of them came to fruition and it’s not a guarantee that they ever will, but it should be noted that they have been weighed for many years. The Tokyo project dropped because the roads were not suitable for the GTA experience gamers have come to know. Furthermore, moving into a different country would mean new brands of cars, stores, and restaurants. That would be a complete rebuild of their lore that would take too much time. Besides, it would be a shame to part with some of their fan-favorite brands.

That is why it’s very likely that GTA VI will also take place in the United States. The production has already started and the team has “some ideas”, but they’re in no rush. GTA V is doing marvelously even though it was initially released in 2013. It has sold 60 million copies and the online version is still wildly popular. There’s no need to hurry up into the next installment.

As to how soon we can expect the next game is only an estimation. Taking Rockstar’s history into account, it’s possible that we won’t be seeing GTA VI until at least 2018 or 2020. By then, it’s possible that the game will see a change in its engine and perhaps might come out on a new platform. One can never tell when Sony or Xbox will release their next consoles, but they are expected in the next four years.

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