GTA V On VR Makes Players Feel Guilty

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Perhaps it’s not entirely surprising, but GTA V on VR makes players feel guilty about shooting down random citizens of Los Santos. Perhaps the immersive quality of virtual reality just gets too real at times. Or, perhaps, it’s just another way to desensitizing ourselves from real-life violence. Or, the third and better option, we can realize it’s only a game.

Modder Joseph Delgado created a first-person version of GTA V on virtual reality, complete with a hand tracker and gestures as you wield the gun around Los Santos. He utilized the Razer Hydra motion controller to complete a short mod of the already violent game. While testing it though, he discovered something interesting: he started feeling guilty.

There already is a first-person mode to enjoy the game. However, there ‘s just something about feeling like you truly hold the gun, make the effort of raising your arm, and pulling the trigger. The sound impacts on your ears in a different way, and you’re able to see the true consequence of your action. According to Delgado, his mouth dropped the first time he shot someone in his VR mod.

He said he actually felt guilty and that’s just from killing a random NPC around the streets. On other hand, Delgado stated that “guilt is a really interesting topic for VR”. The futuristic technology is a certainty at this point, one that will become a reality in just a few short months. It’s still unexplored, but one can imagine the infinite potential that comes with virtual reality.

It’s “definitely a much more visceral experience” than the regular first-person shooter. A game like GTA V though, which is full of various experiences and an excellent storyline could be done much more differently than before. It moved from playing the game to experiencing it yourself. Of course, as Delgado himself stated, it’s an already violent game, and some of the things in there might just make you question if “you’re not really sadistic”. Shooting down or beating people with a bat might just be too intense for some.

It’s expected that virtual reality, in particular, will get its own brand of debates upon how it desensitizes our youth from violence. These problems have existed in games for a long time, and it’s certain that VR will spur them on. And, let’s face it, violence will never ever be a missing factor in video games and there will always be one title to bring a whole other level of it.

It could be highly disturbing. But, on the other hand, it could be truly exciting.

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