GoPro Has Just Recently Re-Launched The Karma Grip

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GoPro has started re-selling the Karma Grip which will now be used with Hero products.

GoPro has just recently started re-selling the Karma Grip, a stabilizer which was meant for its Karma drone but which will instead be used with Hero products.

The company, more famous for its camera products, including the most recently released Hero 5, tried to enter the drone market.

However, the product that should have launched them into the new market seems to have met with an untimely end.

Following its September release, the Karma Drone was taken off the market earlier last month after the unit was observed to have some technical issues.

To put it in a simpler manner, some of the product units were observed to be falling from the sky. As such, the company decided to issue a total recall of all the aforementioned drones.

The Karma Grip, one of the drone’s most innovative features also disappeared from the market, along with the its intended base product.

However, starting with this Sunday, the company has started re-selling its Karma Grip product. The technology can now be used with the new Hero 5 camera as well as the Hero 4.

No news have been as yet released about a possible or potential reintroduction of the Karma drone. Some voices claim that this is unlikely seeing as the company is reportedly facing financial issues.

Whilst the Hero 5 can be fully integrated into the Grip, the Hero 4 will need an additional harness in order to ensure its functioning.

The Karma Grip was designed so as to connect to the removable three-axis image-stabilization placed on the drone. As such, it was meant to ensure smooth, non-shaky shots.

As the Grip will now be sold independently from the camera, it will offer the chance to take shake-free footage whilst in action.

The new product could come to be mostly used by bikers, skiers, hikers, or any interested users that may be looking for a shake-free GoPro system.

The Grip will also enable other camera related functionalities. As such, it will help power the camera or shut it off. It will also have recording stop and play buttons and a further functionality which will enable the user to tag key moments.

As the unit offers a camera tilt lock-and-release feature, it will also help the user achieve the precise footage they may be after.

The Karma Grip also offers an on-the-fly angle adjustment feature as well.

Hero 5 is the only current GoPro camera product to have an electronic image stabilization. As such, it is also the only one to offer in-built smooth footage.

As the other camera products of the company lack such a stabilization technique, it is believed that most users have already bought a third-party stabilizer.

The Karma Grip should come and fill the gap as it will offer a smooth stabilization tool, whilst also being offered by the mother company.

As such, this should ensure its compatibility, even though the Grip is only available for the Hero 4 and 5. The product will come as a stand-alone unit as it will not include a camera.

Its price tag has been set at a $299.99 value, with the Hero 4 camera requiring an additional investment for a stabilizing harness.

Image Source: Wikimedia