Glitter Bombs for Your Vagina Are Now a Thing – But Are They Safe?

Glitter particles

A new trend encourages women to put glitter pills inside their vagina

A shiny new trend gathered popularity among women, and is putting them at risk. They are now buying capsules filled with glitter, which they insert inside their vagina before intercourse. This is supposed to make sex more exciting, but experts warn women not to do it, as the process comes with risks.

The vaginal glitter bombs promise you new sensations

First, there came glitter pills which you could swallow. Now, the market was invaded by Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules. These pills, which you should stick into your vagina, promise to make lovemaking more exciting, and to give an additional flavor and sparkle to your natural fluids. This should offer a better experience for both you and your partner.

Therefore, apart from glitter, the capsule contains the so-called extra flavor which should make it hard for your partner to stay away from you. On Passion Dust’s website, women are advised to insert the capsule in their vagina about an hour before intercourse, so that the shell encasing the glitter should dissolve.

Doctors advise against such practices

However, many gynecologists advise women against this practice. The product might promise you a lot of excitement and unique sensations, but it might have dangerous side effects. If you glitter bomb your vagina, you risk developing contact dermatitis, or end up with an unpleasant vaginal discharge. Also, the flavor might affect the natural bacterial flora of your vagina, and this might lead to infections.

The website claims the vaginal glitter bomb is not toxic, but there are a few warnings they should keep in mind. First of all, the glitter particles might trigger asthma attacks if ingested during oral sex. Also, people are advised not to eat them. However, if they accidentally eat them, nothing should happen, but they are still warned they are intended for a different kind of use.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons