Gender-Changing Surgery Rates Increased in the US

Transgender flag

The number of gender-changing operations increased in the US

Statistics show how the number of gender-changing plastic surgeries increased in the US by 19 percent. In 2016, there have been more than 3,250 operations which involved everything from reshaping a person’s face to sex change.

Gender-changing operations on the rise in US

Many people feel like there is a clash between their biological gender and how they feel. This phenomenon, known as gender dysphoria, can be approached surgically. However, the process is not that simple. Dr. Loren Schechter, a plastic surgeon from Chicago, explained that there are several procedures a person from which a transgender person can choose.

On Monday, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released their statistics for 2016, and revealed information on the 1.78 million cosmetic surgeries performed over the year. The data shows how the number of gender-changing operations increased, thanks to many activists who support these procedures.

Among the celebrities who support transgender rights, there is Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist, and Laverne Cox, from the popular TV series “Orange Is the New Black”. Officials do not see this rise in gender-changing surgeries as surprising. Recently, more transgender people have received the healthcare services they needed, as well as coverage for sex change operations.

Transgender people no longer have to face such a strong social stigma

Around 1.4 million transgender people live in the US. They no longer have to face such an acute social stigma, as many medical institutions and insurance companies acknowledge their need for a gender-changing surgery. However, most of them still cannot afford to undergo such operations.

Almost a third of these transgender people have undergone some sort of operations, where they either changed their external appearance only or they had sex reassignment. Also, 21 percent of trans men and 14 percent of trans women declared they did not want surgery.

Now, the remaining numbers might want surgery, but they probably think this is something difficult to achieve. Activists and officials emphasize the idea that gender-changing operations are necessary for the well-being of these people. However, these people should always talk to an expert before settling for any kind of reconstructive surgery.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons