Facebook Wants to Bring AR Features to Its App

Oculus Rift

Facebook will soon release the new app Spaces VR

Facebook is constantly working on offering people new and exciting ways to socialize. Thus, they announced Spaces VR, the new app for Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch. They are planning to experiment further with VR and AR, thus offering businesses new ways of reaching their customers.

The new Oculus Rift app lets you be part of a virtual world

On Tuesday, Facebook announced their new app Spaces VR. This will allow users to socialize with their friends in a more interactive and entertaining way than they have been used to. Thus, the app lets you take advantage of the new platform by being a character in a virtual world.

You can create your own cartoon-resembling avatar by choosing one of your Facebook photos and developing your virtual appearance from it. Also, if you get tired of living in the virtual world, you can pause it, mute it, or even remove those people you do not want to be a part of your virtual socializing experience.

Zuckerberg is optimistic that people will find this highly entertaining and it will rapidly grow in popularity. Thus, the emergence of a new platform will start taking shape.

“I used to think glasses were going to be the first mainstream augmented reality platform, and that maybe 5-10 years from now we’d get the form factor that we all want.”

Expanding the Facebook experience via AR technology

In 2014, Facebook bought the Oculus company for $3 billion. Now, they are trying to take advantage of the VR and AR technology and offer new experiences to their users. Facebook can either make use of the VR glasses as a medium for this technology, but they also intend to implement it further in other features.

Thus, people might soon be able to use AR to design special frames for their Facebook pictures. Also, these frames are going to be soon included directly in the Facebook camera. Thus, you will be able to take pictures and directly use the frames which interact with the captured images.

Actually, Facebook’s plan is to use augmented reality to create a perfect mix of digital elements and real-life objects. Soon, 360 videos will be a combination of the real world and digital frames interacting with it. Until the end of the year, the mobile app might receive some new features.
Image Source: Flickr