Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Tragic Story Behind Her Call to God Joke

ellen degeneres sitting on a couch and smiling

Ellen DeGeneres recently revealed the sad story behind her famous God joke.


Everybody knows Ellen DeGeneres and her funny jokes and outgoing personality. Every afternoon she is present in people’s homes through her popular show, but not many people know that it was a tragedy from her past that inspired her to become a comedian.

In the latest episode of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, which is actually a podcast, Ellen opened up about depression, the death of an ex-girlfriend, and what kickstarted her entire career.

According to her, she was in her 20s when her girlfriend was killed in a terrible car crash. At the time, she was a waitress and admitted that after her girlfriend passed, she moved out of their New Orleans apartment.

She recounted her having moved into a small basement apartment and sleeping on a mattress full of fleas. That was the moment when she thought about calling God and asking him some things.

She immediately wrote that entire joke and knew that it was going to change her life. Ellen didn’t have anything to do with comedy at the time. She hadn’t even started doing stand-up comedy shows. However, it was something about that joke that put her on the right path.


Ellen DeGeneres and the Tragedy Behind Her Famous Joke


Back in 2015, Ellen talked about the loss of her girlfriend on Oprah’s Master Class. She was reportedly the first person she ever lost, apart from her grandfather who died when she was very little.

For a long time, Ellen felt like it was her fault. She had been fighting with her girlfriend over the phone right before she died. That night, Ellen was driving home to the apartment where they both lived. She passed by a car that had been split in two but didn’t know what happened.

The next morning, she found out that it was her girlfriend in the car. DeGeneres admitted that the accident changed her entire life and shifted her focus. It also made her the person she is today.


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