Eating Cheese Every Day Can Help You (Study)

various types of cheese, crackers, and knives stuck inside the cheese

Eating cheese might help prevent certain heart problems, claims a new study.

A new study claims that eating cheese can actually be beneficial for your heart. The research was conducted thanks to data collected from more than 200,000 people. It was observed that those who ate cheese every day presented a lower risk of heart disease. In comparison, this risk was higher for people who never or rarely eat cheese.

The Benefits of Eating Cheese

A team of researchers from The Netherlands and China analyzed data from 15 previous studies. In all of these, the participants were monitored for more than ten years. After the researchers analyzed the data from all of the studies, they observed that eating cheese every day might be helping lower the risk of heart disease by 14%. This habit also seems to have decreased the risk of having a stroke by 10%.

However, experts mentioned that these results are not linear. This means that the quantity of cheese you eat every day should be small and not extremely fat. The researchers indicated that eating cheese should be limited to an amount of 40 grams per day. It is important to eat dairy products every day but in small portions because they can also have negative impacts on your health if you overeat.

Eating cheese helps people take in calcium, probiotics, and protein. Unfortunately, dairy products also contain high levels of saturated fat which can lead to high cholesterol.  Consuming cheese can have both good and bad effects on your health, depending on the quantity and the intake frequency.

This study did not find a cause-and-effect relationship, only an association with a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. Also, the link might be caused by the fact that people who ate cheese were already healthier than those who did not eat this dairy product. As it is, the researchers also mentioned that in some cases, the good might overweight the bad when it comes to cheese.

“Cheese can be high in probiotics, which tend to put you in less of an inflammatory state,” mentioned one of the researchers involved with the study.

Image Source: Pexels