E-Cigarettes are As Dangerous for Teens as Normal Ones (Study)

steam surrounding an e-cigarette

A new study found hidden dangers in the use of e-cigarettes.

According to a new study which the journal Pediatrics recently published, teenagers who use e-cigarettes inhale the same levels of toxic chemicals that are also found in normal, tobacco cigarettes.

It doesn’t even matter if the e-cigarettes they prefer contain nicotine or not. In order to reach this result, study leader Mark Rubinstein and his team analyzed urine samples from teenagers who were, on average, 16.4 years old.

It seems that 67 of them used only e-cigarettes while only 17 used both e-cigarettes and traditional ones. After this, the team compared these results with those of the 20 teenagers who did not smoke at all.

What the team found shocked them. It seems that the e-cigarettes users had three times the level of toxic chemicals detected in non-smokers. Moreover, those using both types of cigarettes had three times the toxic chemicals detected in those only using e-cigarettes.

What can these findings teach us? According to the researchers, one key finding is that e-cigarettes are still very dangerous, despite being promoted as the “healthier” option.


The Dangers of E-Cigarettes


According to Rubinstein, teenagers need to know that the water vapor which e-cigarettes produce is not at all harmless. Actually, it contains a large number of the same toxic chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. The best thing that teenagers need to inhale is fresh air, not smoke full of toxins.

It’s also important to note that some teenagers who only used flavored e-cigarettes without nicotine still had some of those toxic chemicals. The fruit flavored ones are reportedly the most dangerous as they produce extra acrylonitrile.

Apart from this, vanilla and cinnamon flavored e-cigarettes can produce serious damage to the lungs. It doesn’t matter if they contain nicotine or not. They are still dangerous and should still be avoided by everyone, especially teenagers.


Image source: MaxPixel