Having a Dog Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease (Study)

white retriever dog with blue eyes on white background

Having a dog can improve your overall state of well being, claims a new study.

A new study shows that having a dog is not only good for the moral but also for your heart. Researchers from Sweden discovered that having a dog can lower the risk of heart disease. Dog ownership is linked to a lower risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. The study released in the journal Scientific Reports monitored 3.4 million people living in Sweden.

The Advantages of Having a Dog

The study participants were aged between 40 to 80, and they did not have any cardiovascular disease history. They were monitored for 12 years, beginning with 2001. In Sweden, all dogs are registered with an identifier. The Swedish Kennel Club registered all of the country’s dogs which have a certified pedigree since 2001. They also received information about the owners.

Researchers observed that people who own a dog have a lower rate of depression. Dogs alleviate the most common stress factors such as isolation and loneliness. When these factors are gone, the risk of heart disease is also lowered.

This research showed that people who were single were also helped by the fact of having a dog. An interesting finding was that the owners of purebreds have an overall lower risk of death. Owning a dog can also improve your physical activity and the rate of how much time you spend outdoors. Walking your dog daily is healthy and should also be a pleasant exercise for both parties involved.

Despite the fact that researchers can’t provide a causal relation or explanation between owning a dog and a lower risk of heart disease. However, there are various theories which try to explain the link. Besides improving your physical activity, a dog also bolsters your mood and makes you feel loved. All of these factors have a great impact on the health. This research shows that having a dog can lower the risk of heart disease and give a higher overall rate of well-being.

Image Source: Pexels