Deformed Mountain Lion With Fangs On His Head Baffles Scientists

Deformed Mountain Lion With Fangs On His Head Baffles Scientists

An unidentified hunter has caught a deformed mountain lion in Idaho, near the border with Utah. The animal which had fangs on his head has baffled experts who have never seen such an abnormality before.

According to Fish and Game officials the mountain lion had attacked a dog near Preston and was killed by a hunter last week. The young male individual had a full set of fangs which had grown on its head. Not only this, but in addition, the animal also presented a second pair of whiskers. These features resemble the snout of another lion. According to biologist Zach Lockyer the second pair of fangs protruded from hard tissue and it was placed on the left side of the animal’s forehead. Fish and Game hope that the man who killed the mountain lion will bring in the animals so that they can conduct further investigations. The hunter is has no obligation to give the carcass of the animal to the conservation office.

A possible explanation could the fact that the abnormality was caused by a teratoma tumor, which is rare but it was in any case observed both in humans and animals in the past. The tumor consists of a growth of tissue that produces not only hair and teeth, but it can also make toes and fingers. Biologists from the Idaho Fish and game explained that this deformation could also be the result of a conjoined lion twin which died in the womb of the mother. In some cases it could happen that the fetus which survives absorbs the tissue of the unlucky twin.

The mountain lion was spotted for the first time about eight miles away from Preston. Right before New Year it had attacked a dog and somebody’s property. A few hours after the attack a hunter used hounds in order to chase the animal into the hills and killed it. The man had a valid tag and license and after the killing he reported the incident to the conservation office just as required by law.

The dog that was attacked by the mountain lion escaped the initial attack and is now recovering after it had suffered puncture wounds. The owner of the dog was also badly injured by the mountain lion.

After the picture with the monstrous creature was posted on the Internet it went viral and people feel both frightened and afraid at the sight of the poor deformed lion.


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