Researchers Warn Parents of the Dangers of Nerf Guns

Teen playing with a Nerf gun

Parents often neglect the dangers of Nerf guns

Researchers have recently issued a warning against one of the most popular toys among kids nowadays. Nerf guns, although they look like such a fun way for your child to spend time with his friends, can cause permanent eye damage. In case one of the toy bullets ends up in the eye, it might affect one’s sight or, in the most serious cases, lead to internal bleeding and other serious damage.

Children are not aware of how they should use the toys properly

Nerf guns are the latest trend among children, but parents don’t always realize how dangerous they can be. If they are not used properly, they can lead to serious eye injury, and permanently affect one’s eyesight. Lately, several videos circulated on YouTube, and they taught kids how to make their guns more powerful and faster. Unfortunately, they didn’t inform kids on how to stay safe.

Therefore, doctors are trying to convince Nerf gun manufacturers to reconsider the age limit at which children should be allowed to play with these toys. If the age doesn’t change, then they should at least receive protective equipment, such as goggles or special glasses to keep their eyes safe.

Many victims of Nerf gun accidents were adults

Husbro, the company who is making Nerf guns, is also well-known for producing similar toys, such as bows and arrows, blaster, or other kinds of similar guns. These products are destined for children aged over eight, but sometimes they might end up in the hands of younger children. In fact, they are quite dangerous regardless of age, if they are not used properly.

Researchers cited several cases where people were shot in the eye with Nerf guns, and suffered blurred vision, pain, or eye reddening. In many of the cases, the victims were adults, after unknowing children used the toy guns improperly.

Fortunately, the cases were not that serious, but the guns have the potential to cause permanent loss of eyesight. Therefore, selling protective gear with the toys would sound like the best decision in the situation, as well as training the children on how to handle the Nerf guns.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons