You Can Now Change Your Apple ID Registration Address with an Apple Email

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Apple took immediate action when users complained about the Apple ID registration email

All Apple users know how difficult it is to change the email address you have used when you created an Apple ID account. Not anymore, as the company has decided to make some major changes. If you managed to create an Apple email address, you can now easily replace the third-party address you kept using for your account with this new one.

You can now change your old third-party email you used to register for Apple ID

If Apple users had registered for their Apple ID account with a third-party email address, namely one independent of Apple, they had to keep using it. This means that the company didn’t allow users to change these addresses. Whenever they wanted to do it, they noticed the service didn’t allow them to do so.

The same situation applied to newly created Apple emails, and the company seemed impossible to convince the registration data sometimes needs to be changed. However, Apple has finally understood it, so users can now easily switch from a third-party email to an Apple email on their Apple ID account.

This means that, if you have recently created an email ending in,, or, you can use it to replace the old email address you used when you created your Apple ID account.

Apple was quick to solve the issue after one user complained about it

Dillon, one of the MacRumors reader, was surprised to find Apple so receptive about this problem. He confronted the company about the impossibility of changing the original registration email to an Apple email, and quickly received a reply. The user carefully explained the situation, and asked the company if it could find a way to fix it.

It didn’t take too long for the reply to come. The company took notice of the issue, and said they would make sure it would be solved. Soon after that, the user was informed that the issue had been taken care of. As a result, Apple email addresses are now accepted as a switch to the old third-party ones.
Image Source: Flickr