Running for Breast Cancer on Australia’s Mother’s Day Classic Event

Mother's Day

Every year on Mother’s Day, Australians organize events to raise money for breast cancer research

Australians decided to celebrate Mother’s Day in a unique way, by gathering all over their country to run, walk, raise awareness on breast cancer, and raise funds for research. They do this every year during the Mother’s Day Classic, an event which gathers around 100,000 people in 92 locations in all Australia.

Mother’s Day Classic raises money for breast cancer research

Every year on Mother’s Day, breast cancer survivors, their families and friends, or other people who want to support this cause gather at these events all over Australia to celebrate this day and help people in need. Participants run for a big cause, raising money for the research undertaken by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Rina Gualtieri is one of the runners, and a breast cancer survivor herself. She joined the location on Brisbane’s South Bank, where she was surprised to find more than 7,600 people who were willing to be a part of this great charity event.

Besides from participating to the Mother’s Day Classic, Gualtieri was a volunteer. She has been helping with the organizing for four years, and said that this was the most fulfilling thing she could have done. Gualtieri feels happy to help other breast cancer sufferers and offer them a chance of recovery.

The event celebrates life and offers support to all in need

The Mother’s Day Classic events started in 1998 and initially took place only in Sydney and Melbourne. At first, they only gathered a modest number of 3,200 participants. Then, it started growing until it reached the nationwide event it is today. For instance, 30,000 people gathered now only around the Melbourne leg.

Molly Robertson, the granddaughter of the co-founder Mavis Robertson, is happy to see all kinds of people taking part to the event, even men or boys who support the cause. Although many people suffered and lost someone dear, they turned the event into something joyful which celebrates life. This year’s Classic aimed to raise more than $3 million, and donations remain open until June 30th.
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