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Boeing Commercial Will Be Cutting Jobs In 2017

Boeing Commercial Will Be Cutting Jobs In 2017

On Monday, Boeing Commercial is reported to have revealed through a memo that it will be cutting more jobs in 2017 as the company is still facing changes. The Boeing Company is a multinational corporation. Founded in 1916, it is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The multinational is specialized in the design, manufacturing, and sale of

yahoo's newest data breach

Yahoo’s Newest Data Breach Could Have Important Consequences

Yahoo’s newest data breach could have important consequences in terms of its sales deal with Verizon as the company could choose to walk away. The fact that Yahoo has been having problems is not new. Earlier this year, the company admitted to a massive data breach. Having taken place in 2014, it involved about 500

an argentine firm building

A FIFA Scandal Led To An Argentine Firm Settlement

The scandal that rocked the FIFA has led to a $112.8 million worth settlement as the respective Argentine firm was part of the corruption controversy. FIFA or the Federation International de Football Association has been facing some tough times. The association is the international governing body of several sports. These include association football, beach soccer,

chipotle store

Chipotle Will Be Making Some Important Changes

Chipotle will be making some important changes as the company announced that it will be moving to a sole CEO which will focus more on customers. This has not been an easy year for the Mexican grill food chain. After experiencing a serious illness crisis just last year, the company has not met recovery expectations.

four major retailers including macy's

Los Angeles Is Filing A Lawsuit Against Four Major Retailers

Four major retailers namely Macy’s Kohl’s, Sears, and JCPenney will be involved in a lawsuit filed by the Los Angeles city attorney, Mike Feuer. Mike Feuer, the city of angels attorney, went to release a statement on the matter. According to him, customers deserve to be told the truth in relation to the prices they

princess cruise ship

Princess Cruise Is Facing Its Highest Ocean Pollution Fine

Princess Cruise will be facing the highest yet ocean pollution fine as the Carnival owned cruise lines will be paying $40 million in charges and pleading guilty to seven felony charges. Princess Cruise is a Santa Clarita, California-based cruise line owned and operated by Carnival Corporation and Plc. The American/British company, Carnival, which is one of