Balboa park named to ‘Great places in America’ list

balboa parkSan Diego’s iconic Balboa Park is announced as one of the nation’s six great public spaces by the American planning Association on Thursday.

To get into the “Great places in America” list, each place must demonstrate character, planning, cultural and historical significance that not only enriches the community but also helps in the economic growth. The Association recognizes streets, public places and neighborhoods in its list.

The park’s 1200 acre has a number of uses, according to the association. The park which was opened for the 1915 panama California Exhibition is celebrating its centennial this year.

The Flint Famers Market has also grabbed a place in the list. The Flint Farmers Market was given the award on October 1st. Karianne Martus, manager at Flint Farmers Market said that it feels great t be recognized by the American Planning Association.

“When you look at the company that we’re keeping and the kind of iconic places in America that are being given this honor and for the Flint Farmers’ Market to get it, it was huge. We’re just overwhelmed by the honor,” said Martus.

The Santa Fe Railyard in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Millenium Park, Chicago and Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, Colorado; Hermann Park in Houston are some of the other places recognized in the list.

APA is the independent, not-for-profit educational organization that provides leadership in the development communities.
The APA had started making a list from 2007, and since then it has recognized 245 places.

APA president, Carol Rhea was of the view that public places are quite vital. They are as valuable as gathering places and recreational venues. The Great Public Spaces of 2015 can very well explain how spaces and be created effectively.

Jeffrey Williams said, “It’s joining the ranks of places such as Central Park New York City millennium park in Chicago. It really means you’re the creme de la creme of locations in the country.”