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Student Loan Debt Piles Up at Record Pace

Student Loan Debt Piles Up at Record Pace

Student loan debt is growing by $3,000 per second, being the largest form of debt in the USA outside of mortgages. According to a Federal Reserve report, updated in May 2016, American students owe over $1.3 Trillion in Student Loan Debt. The average debt for 2016 graduates now averages $37,172, which is up to 6%

Hog Nose rat

Hog-nosed rat, a new rat species discovered in Indonesia

A new species of rat has been discovered by the Curator of Mammals while doing a survey of Sulawesi. Jake Esselstyn, the Curator of Mammals at Louisiana State University has found a new rat in a trap. He found that it was “charismatically different” from other rats. The rat is now called “hog-nosed rat.” The

Oliver Mental Illness does not kill people

John Oliver slams republicans for linking gun violence with mental illness

The host from the Last Week Tonight Show, John Oliver has slammed on the Republicans for arguing against gun control by bringing up mental health problem in America. Republicans like Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and Ben Carson has argued against gun control by bringing up mental illness after the recent shooting. Oliver has devoted his whole


Sorority sisters used internet selfie fame for a good purpose

Earlier this week, two Major League Baseball announcers were amused and horrified by a group of teen girls who were busy taking selfies and completely oblivious to the fact that there was a baseball game going on.  The clip went viral, their selfie pics became a sensation, and the girls themselves got their 15 minutes