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NASA is studying how zero gravity affects astronauts

NASA is studying how zero gravity affects astronauts

The researchers funded by the NASA are studying brain structures and function of the astronauts abroad the ISS or International Space Station to understand how brain changes in space and ways to deal with those changes. Astronauts at the microgravity have experienced problems with balance and perceptual illusions. The study is examining the changes in

avain family tree

Scientists unveiled the mystery of Avain family tree

The genomic analysis of 198 species of birds has almost completely filled in the bird tree of life. Researchers drew relationship among 198 species among the 10,000 known in the world. The new research is very significant because it is providing insights on how the modern birds evolved from the original three dinosaurs lineages that has

SouFun Holdings To Raise Between $400 Million And $700 Million

SouFun Holdings (SFUN), a real estate Internet portal in China, Friday reported “subscription agreements” with IDG Capital Partners, and with entities affiliated the Carlyle Group, and with founder, Chairman and CEO Vincent Mo, in which between $400 million and $700 million (of which 50% will be convertible notes) will be raised to purchase SouFun’s newly

Notable Analyst Actions: Ambarella, Alibaba, GoPro

Ambarella (AMBA) shares gained more than 5% in trading Monday after Barron’s reported Stifel Nicolaus said the company is gearing up to enter the computer vision market, extending its lead on the competition.  Barron’s cited Stifel Nicolaus analyst Kevin Cassidy as saying the company is getting into the computer vision market with the use of