YouTube Launches a Limited State for Videos with Extremist Content which Do Not Violate Any Policies

Blocked YouTube video

YouTube found a new strategy to deal with extremist content which doesn’t violate its policies

Recently, YouTube has been actively trying to curb offensive or extremist content in videos, and used several methods to find them and take them down. However, not all disturbing videos violate the platform’s policies, meaning that YouTube can’t do nothing against them. Now, it seems to have found a way to deal with this kind of content as well.

YouTube used both AI and human resources against extremist content

So far, YouTube has used AI technology to find and then remove videos with extremist content. For the past month, this mechanism has been actively looking for violent, terrorist, or offensive videos. More than 75 percent of these have been found and taken down thanks to machines, and no human intervention was needed.

This technique proved more effective, as YouTube was more prolific than ever in removing such kinds of videos. However, the platform also received human help as well. It started several collaborations with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, the No Hate Speech Movement, and the Anti-Defamation League.

The input of these organizations is important, as they offer expert advice on complex issues related to terrorism and hate speech. This is meant to help the company identify more quickly those videos extremists post to gather recruits.

How to tackle offensive videos who don’t violate the YouTube policies

However, some videos still contain controversial and extremist elements, but they don’t violate any of YouTube policies. For them, the company thought of a clever strategy. These videos will enter a limited state, where they won’t benefit from likes, or comments, and won’t be recommended or monetized.

YouTube versions for desktop should start enforcing this limited state in the upcoming weeks, while the mobile versions should benefit from it a little later. However, there’s more to come in the next months. This period has been extremely prolific, as the video streaming platform managed to remove plenty of extremist content, and scored a few victories against terrorism.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons