YouTube Takes Steps to Control Online Terrorism


YouTube will implement four steps against online terrorism

Immediately after Facebook had launched their AI-powered mechanism to control online extremism, YouTube announced they also want to take serious measured to deal with terrorism. The company collaborated with governments and law agencies, and developed a system to detect harmful content and remove it from its website.

Four steps to control terrorism on YouTube

Kent Walker, the Senior Vice-President of Google, announced that they would introduce four steps to deal with online terrorism. The first step is also based on artificial intelligence. They want to train their systems which classifies content to identify extremist videos and then remove them.

However, relying only on automated classifiers is not always efficient, so human activity will play an important role as well. They want to increase the number of “trusted flagger” users. This community is made up of specially designated experts who have to review the content flagged by regular users and remove whatever is in violation with YouTube’s policies.

Sixty-three organizations are already present in this program and help with the flagged content. YouTube plans to almost double this community, and introduce 50 new NGOs. This increase in the number of experts will allow them to deal with special types of content, namely terrorism or videos depicting self-harm.

YouTube is not only removing harmful content, but is also engaging in counterterrorism

The next step consists of the removal of the harmful content. Some videos might not directly violate the YouTube policies, but they might steal contain extremist or supremacist content. This is why the presence of human reviewers is vital.

Also, the company will not only remove this kind of content, but also wants to counterattack terrorism. Via the “Creators for Change” program, users who are targeted by groups of extremists will be automatically redirected to counterextremist content.

At the moment, YouTube is directing all these means against content related to the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and other affiliated extremist groups. They represent a huge threat for humanity, and any small step against them can count in the fight.
Image Source: Pixabay