Better YouTube Advertising Tools Are Reportedly Coming

youtube advertising tools

Google announced that it will be releasing better, more robust advertising tools for YouTube.

On Friday, Google announced that it will be releasing better, more robust advertising tools for its extremely popular video platform, YouTube.

YouTube is a video-sharing website. It is based in San Bruno, California. Created by three former PayPal employees, it was bought by Google back in 2006. Since then, the company functioned as one of its subsidiaries.

YouTube offers access to a wide range of content. Video clips, music videos, documentaries, and TV shows are just some such examples. It is used as both an entertainment as well as an educational tool. And it is mostly free to access. Most of the videos on YouTube are free to view.

And this is made possible as well by the use of AdSense. YouTube earns its advertising from this latter. AdSense releases the displayed ads according to some factors. The audience and the site content are taken into consideration.

And YouTube has a set of other advertising partnerships. And now, its advertising tools will also be reportedly getting better.

The announcement came through a Google blog post. It was published on the company’s official page on January 20. YouTube will be looking for “new solutions”. These will target marketers. And it should help them with cross-screen campaigns. As such, they should be better able to identify high-value customers.

Google will be working with measurement companies. LAS, DoubleVerify, and comScore were amongst those included on the list. They will be helping them develop the new advertising tools.

Google’s post also went to offer an example. It noted that a car manufacturer will have a better insight into the effects of a YouTube ad. Or more exactly, about how it will influence various audiences. And how much their device will have an impact on the ad.

In its blog post, Google pointed out the following. According to the giant company, over 50 percent of the YouTube views are registered across mobile devices.

As such, the company will be focusing more on the area. It will be trying to develop new measurements. Advertisers should now better quantify ad campaign effects across devices.

The updates will see an expansion of the Customer Match. Or more exactly, advertisers will be able to use the customer data in new ways. They should now better reach those that have shown interest in a shore.

Google will be updating the advertisers’ tools as follows. It will be expanding their customer data gain and potential usage. But users will also benefit from it. They will have a better control of their data. And how it is displayed across devices.

And users can and will be able to personalize their ads. They control over them will increase as they will decide what’s relevant. And what is not.

The new advertising tools will also reportedly place more focus on the user’s ID. And they will be moving away from pixels and cookies. Diya Jolly offered more details. She is the YouTube product management director.

According to Jolly, most cookies and pixels were built for a single screen. They do still have a role in the broader ecosystem. But they were not designed for the new viewing devices and environments.

As such, they can lead to inconsistent measurements. And this leads to less relevant ads. This makes it more difficult for the users to control their displayed ads. Or how their data will be used.

But this will change with the new advertising tools. More details about them can be found on the official Google Inside AdWords blog. The announcement was published Friday, January 20.

Image Source: Pixabay