Your Christmas Light Installation Is Bad for the Wi-Fi Signal

"Christmas light installation"

Christmas lights can interfere with your Wi-Fi band.

Electrical and technological problems are the last thing you want to deal with during the holiday season. Yet, British company Ofcom warns your Christmas light installation is bad for the Wi-Fi signal.

Christmas is that one time of the year when we like to show our artistic performances the most. Our Christmas light installation has to mirror our design abilities, but this is most of the times to the detriment of our homes. Electrical and technological devices malfunction once we start our millions of outdoor Christmas lights. Things get even worse if we add music and rhythmic effects.

Ofcom is aware of the problems that most people have during this time of the year. For that matter, they have created a special smartphone and tablet app to help save the Wi-Fi band even when our house is lit with all the Home Depot Christmas lights we can get.

The company claims the app is very easy to use. All customers have to do, is download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and use it every once in a while to monitor their home Wi-Fi connection. The app works just as well with any type of device, be it laptop or smartphone, the tech developer has further stated.

Ofcom’s report entitled 2015 Connected Nations measured the evolution of wireless networks in the past years. According to the present study, many more homes are using superfast broadbands, whose speed exceed 30 Mbps.

There are now 83% homes using these superfast broadbands compared to 75% registered several years ago. Unfortunately, the more Internet speed people have, the bigger tendency they have to exaggerate and overuse it.

According to Ofcom’s study, fast speed Internet users have more subscriptions for online film rental services, TV services and video calls. Consequently, only 8% of these users actually enjoy the wonders of the 30 Mbps Internet speed.

The situation is a lot worse when Christmas lights or your Christmas light installation sets in. There are frequent Wi-Fi fluctuations simply because there are many electrical devices interfering with the band. Ofcom’s smartphone app helps level the band, so there won’t be any more problems.

In addition, users can set the Wi-Fi router on a higher place in the middle of the house for an improved connectivity. Restarting the router could also work because the device will then opt for the more stable band. This way, you won’t have to put your Christmas light installation out, nor to minimize the number of Christmas lights.

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