Yoga Teacher Who Flashed Bar Mitzvah Not Guilty

court room with judges and jury

The yoga teacher who flashed her breasts to bar mitzvah participants was found not guilty

The yoga teacher who flashed her breasts to bar mitzvah participants was found not guilty. Jurors have found the Scottsdale yoga teacher not guilty on every count. The trial was about sexual misconduct.

Lindsey Radomski, aged 33 , allegedly flashed her breasts to children and adults who were attending a 2015 bar mitzvah.

Officials say she invited 7 boys in her room. She gave them permission to caress her breasts before supposedly performing a sexual act with one of the teenagers.

Radomski was seen crying and hugging her attorneys, after finding out the verdict. The verdict was given out by a judge, yesterday afternoon.

Radomski declared she was very excited it was over. She also said that hearing the testimonies of the teenagers and her best friend was horrible to her. Radomski believes her life will forever be changed. She can’t even Google “bar mitzvah” anymore, as her face pops up.

However, Radomski is doing her best to focus on the bright side. She went on to say it was a weight off her shoulders. She did not know what the jury would do, all she could do was hope for the best.

She was accused of 18 misdemeanors and her trial lasted for almost seven weeks.

Her attorney said he was relieved as well to see the longest trial in a misdemeanor court end.

Radomski could have faced up to six months of jail time, a 2,500 dollar fine and probation for three years, had she been convicted.

The woman was arrested back in 2015, charged with sexual indecency, contact and contributing to the delinquency of a child.

Police officials said the instructor of yoga invited seven teens, aged 11 to 15, in her bedroom at a bar mitzvah, to show off her new breast implants.

She supposedly allowed the boys to touch her breasts and then supposedly had a sex act with a 15-year-old teen. Radomski said she was too drunk to remember what went on. The attorney said she was on drugs at the event and that the boys sexually assaulted her.

The jury refused to punish her due to lack of evidence. Apparently, the teens touched her breasts without her permission.

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